Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NBC-TV's "SMASH" - Was Lovin' It, Until Episode 2

OK, I have always enjoyed the "SMASH"-type genre of TV dance and drama shows. And Episode 1 of SMASH was terrific. But I was truly disappointed by episode 2. I'll keep tuning in to see if gets better, but here are my thoughts on the second show aired Feb. 13.

1. Script - a line like "can you say something to help us sell papers" is a line out of the '50s or '60s - no one would really say that today.

2. Plot - the Chinese adoption storyline is dull, a distraction and boring.

3. More on The script - the overdone scenes - throwing the drink in the guy's face in the restaurant, the director sleeping with the blonde, we've seen it all before.

4. The chemistry - many of the "couples" seem to have no chemistry at all, I don't get any sense they are really into each other. And the kid saying he had been waiting all his life for a Chinese brother - it didn't ring true for me.

5. It's too dark, too slow, too predictable. I want a goose-bump moment in every episode for a show like this - a showstopper - and while there were musical numbers, there were none that made me want to stand up and sing along in Ep. 2.

6. Remember Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss and Marsha Mason. It sparkled with great writing, terrific chemistry between the two, and even when Dreyfuss went to table reads for auditions, there was energy, there was passion - you really cheered for the guy. Plus the script was laced with humor - there were laugh moments throughout so you knew who to root for, who to boo at - if SMASH had any of that, it would be a SMASH.

On the good side, Katherine McPhee is pitch-perfect in the key role. She's the reason I will keep going back, hoping for more stand-out performances from the singer, dancer and actress.