Sunday, January 8, 2012

Char, John Edward On Dr. Phil Tuesday - In LA, 3 pm KCBS/2

Char is a remarkable intuitive medium and author of the new book "LOVE Karma." She had personal appearances Jan. 7 in Glendale and Los Angeles, and will appear with John Edward on Dr. Phil, 3 pm Tuesday, Jan. 10 on KCBS/2. I was at that taping and it was a fun and knowledgeable experience for the audience as well as for Char and John Edward. Here is the Dr. Phil release

Psychic Investigations

Can the living really communicate with the dead? In a daytime television first, world-renowned intuitive mediums John Edward and Char Margolis team up on Dr. Phil’s stage and pull back the curtain to the other side! Watch as the mediums perform LIVE in-studio readings on audience members. What messages do their loved ones have from beyond the grave? Then, a skeptical Dr. Phil sits down for his first-ever psychic reading from Char. Will he become a believer? Plus, the spirit world reveals something Robin would rather keep secret! Then, numerologist Glynis McCants explains how numbers can lead to a love match. Whether you’re already a believer or still on the fence, you won’t want to miss this spirit-filled show!

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