Sunday, July 24, 2011

NEW Tim Conway DORF Collection - 7 Classic Films, 6 NEW Sketches

We all need to be entertained - a laugh, a smile to get us through the day. Here is an opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy some wonderful moments with Tim Conway

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6 All-New DORF Comedy Sketches • Plus All 7 DORF Classic Films

No question about it, Tim Conway is an American comedy icon. A four-time Emmy winner for his work on the Carol Burnett Show, Conway created a memorable role as the bumbling, na├»ve Ensign Parker on McHale’s Navy. But Conway fans of all ages love him best for his sketch comedy and unscripted antics, often with Harvey Korman, on The Carol Burnett Show.

Today, when people talk about Tim Conway, one word pops up – DORF, the diminutive, dark-haired Scandinavian who reprised his goofy accent from his Mr. Tudball character from the Burnett show and engaged in all kinds of wacky sports adventures.

Conway starred in seven classic films, but many have been hard to find – UNTIL NOW. For the first time, the original series of satirical how-to sports videos have been combined with six ALL-NEW comedy sketches in the DVD, “Tim Conway In The ULTIMATE DORF DVD COLLECTION,” a new release from Anything Goes Productions.

“Tim is an amazing talent who is still out there, active and entertaining his fans,” said Pasquale Murena, who produced and directed the new DVD with Conway. “During his tours he does DORF and the audience goes nuts for it. It definitely gets the biggest reaction,” he said.

The new DVD is NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. Purchase for the low price of $19.99 at The DVD features include:
• DORF on Golf • DORF on the Diamond • DORF Goes Auto Racing • DORF’s Golf Bible
• DORF Goes Fishing • DORF da Bingo King • DORF in The 1st Games of Mount Olympus

The six ALL-NEW DORF comedy sketches include:

• DORF and the Confession: DORF has worked on many ways to get the upper hand in Bingo, the only problem is he now has to go see the Old Man as the priest and confess all that he has done wrong. DORF tries his best not to get too excited as the Old Man falls asleep, hears the wrong things and forgets where and who he is.

• DORF and the Angry Fan: Our favorite outfielder DORF is not everyone's favorite baseball player as an angry fan makes this DORF's longest game ever. Name calling and throwing everything but the kitchen sink distracts DORF from America's favorite pastime.

• DORF and the New Toga: Join DORF in the Roman Empire as he prepares to dress in his newly made toga to address his loyal subjects. The only problem is his toga is two times too long and his seamstress is two times too dense to help him.

• DORF "Helps" Santa: DORF has one job this Christmas, to help deliver all the little boys and girls’ letters to Santa Claus for Will his flying jet pack get him in touch with Santa? How about his postal service cannon? Find out as DORF stumbles his way to "help" save Christmas.

• DORF and the Trial: Cheating at golf can get you into a heap of trouble and the world's greatest golf trainer gets no special treatment when he is accused of moving his ball to better his game. DORF gets a hole-in-one with laughs as he is put on trial in this courtroom laugh-fest.

• DORF and the Tee Time: Winning that first tee time is important to most golfers and that is why DORF gets to the caddy shack many hours before it opens. Too bad the head caddy doesn't believe in opening early even when DORF tries to bribe, trick and beg his way on the top of the list.

This is THE ULTIMATE DORF DVD COLLECTION, and a must for fans of Tim Conway, to be enjoyed by everyone for years to come. AND NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES. As a special incentive, a Collector’s DORF photo will be in each DVD case. Some will contain a surprise BONUS – an autographed photo from Tim Conway.

To order “Tim Conway In The ULTIMATE DORF DVD COLLECTION,” go to For $19.99 plus shipping and handling, you will enjoy Conway’s seven classic DORF films and the six ALL-NEW DORF comedy sketches.

As Tim Conway says, “There is a little DORF in all of us.” Buy the new DVD to enjoy a lifetime of lasting memories.

Contact: Pasquale Murena, Anything Goes Productions • (760) 885-5911 •

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KTTV (Fox 11) Dropping Veteran Reporter John Schwada

It's always sad to see veteran reporters and correspondents let go by local stations and networks. CBS just dismissed Don Teague, based in Dallas, but well known for his national coverage over the years on NBC as well as CBS. Locally, Fox 11 is saying farewell to John Schwada - my hope is another TV station in town will pick him up. He's one of the best TV journalists around. Here is the story, as reported on the site

Schwada has a few words to say

Kevin Roderick • July 19 2011 8:22 AM

Veteran TV reporter John Schwada has posted on Facebook about his firing by Fox 11. He's not happy about it.

A week ago, I was told my KTTV contract would not be renewed. Since then, LA Observed & LA Weekly have reported on my story. But missing in all this has been any public expressions of concern - indignation? – from reporters/the journalism academy. Privately, they have muttered darkly, sympathized. But publicly – in forums where newspeople best practice our craft, express our values – my profession has been silent.

Nearly, two years ago, I wrote a blog about the layoffs of a third of KTTV's newsroom. When it went viral (in the limited world of LA TV journalism), KTTV gm Kevin Hale told me how pained he was that I had hurt the station's image and – perhaps more painful for him – that he had received a bullet from New York//Fox asking why my embarrassing observations were being posted on the station's own website.

Inside, he notes the lack of public reaction from AFTRA or "the journalism academy," and is disappointed in colleagues, especially those "young and pretty and docile," for staying silent.

My "firing" (not effective until Aug. 12) has been a shot across the bow of every KTTV reporter. Privately, my colleagues say: "if they're getting rid of you, who's next?" Actually they have nothing to fear - if they stay young and pretty and docile. And, from their failure to publicly show concern when a seasoned and repeatedly honored reporter, is sacked, I think they're well down the road to…self-preservation.

But really what disturbs me most is the silence from my union, AFTRA, and from the journalism academy. When a veteran reporter for no good journalistic reason is dismissed, where are their independent voices? Some of these folks are even protected by tenure? Their silence is particularly disappointing.

These are my regrets. Now my hopes: Although I believe that KTTV has made a serious error in releasing me in defiance of the high regard in which I am held, my productivity as a reporter, I do believe - I need to believe - that other stations, other venues will value my experience, my courage, my integrity. To succumb to cynicism and despair is a living death.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

KTLA, KFI Score In Early 405 Freeway Shutdown Coverage

Here's my commentary based on the first 12 to 15 hours of 405 Freeway Shutdown coverage. First, KNX/1070 AM gets the nod for continuing reliable coverage. However, for sheer news and entertainment, KTLA and KFI rate applause here.

KTLA/5 Morning News:
Chris Burrous and Mary Beth McDade anchored the Saturday coverage starting at 5 a.m.

Key to success, for me, was it stayed energized - boom, boom, boom -
it kept moving at a crisp pace, and wisely did the non-405 segments frequently, too. No dead spots. And when a show has high energy from the on-air talent and content, the viewer is excited enough to keep watching even when there is not much to watch in terms of the freeway being quiet.

Other key to success: Chris' self-described "nerdiness" - telling us about
some of those construction things and why and how it happens in a way
that was entertaining as well as educational kept me tuned in.

Most importantly, the Saturday show kept what has become signature for the weekday program (credit Joel Tator here) - having fun. Whether planking (Friday's show) or kidding Mary Beth Saturday morning, it just made it fun to watch even as all was quiet in the show I call the freeway frolics. What I'd like to see: more cameras in Lynette Romero's car. A great idea, she is perfect for the assignment, but the lock down cameras prohibited flexibility. Overall, though, KTLA gets an "A" for its Saturday morning coverage.

Next, KFI/640 AM
. Having Tim Conway, Jr. do his Friday night show from the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel with a view of the freeway was a brilliant promotional idea - and executed very well. How do we know? When all the TV stations in town see nothing is happening and the "story" becomes Conway at KFI, you know it has worked. And TC made it funny, yet informative. It was super to have his Dad on for awhile, too. Kudos to Mike Nolan, too. He's part of an endangered species - a pilot who does it all, fly the plane and report traffic. KFI gets an "A" for this one.

Note: the above views represent my Blog commentary, independent from from my radio column for the Orange County Register. I will have follow-up comments on overall radio coverage in next week's radio column.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sherwood Schwartz Dies - Gilligan's Island and more (

'Gilligan's Island,' 'Brady Bunch' Creator -- Dead at 94
TMZ Staff

Sherwood Schwartz, the television genius who created "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island" -- and wrote the theme songs for BOTH shows -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Schwartz is a TV legend -- back in 1961, he won an Emmy for his work as a writer on "The Red Skelton Show."

Schwartz also served as a script supervisor on "My Favorite Martian" ... and a writer and producer of "Harper Valley PTA."

Sherwood worked in radio before transitioning over to television -- serving as a writer for Bob Hope's radio show. He also worked on the radio version of "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet."

Schwartz died of natural causes in his sleep, surrounded by his family.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pioneering TV Sitcom Writer Sam Denoff Dies (


A writer for classic television sitcoms such as "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "That Girl" has died, reports the Los Angeles Times. Sam Denoff was 83.

Denoff and his writing partner, Bill Persky, had written for shows such as "McHale's Navy" when they sold a script in 1963 for "The Dick Van Dyke Show," which aired on CBS from 1961 to 1966, the piece notes. Denoff and Persky later shared two Emmys for the series and went on to work on the show as story editors and producers, the story says.

"When they came upon the scene, they saved my life," said series creator Carl Reiner of Denoff and his writing partner. Van Dyke noted Denoff was "a real bon vivant. Sam knew all the best restaurants. ... They don't make guys like that anymore."

Denoff met Persky when working at radio station WNEW, for which they wrote jingles and material for a disc jockey. They moved to California in 1961 and started in TV, eventually creating the series "That Girl" for Marlo Thomas. Denoff wrote the lyrics to the show's opening theme.

"Sam was my greatest convert to feminism as part of our great adventure bringing the first single girl to television," Thomas said in a statement Sunday.

Denoff, who had Alzheimer's disease, died Friday. He is survived by his wife, their two children, and two children from his first marriage, the story notes.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

KTLA MORNING NEWS 20th anni special Thursday July 7

Here is Eric Spillman's Blog on reunion with some of the original members