Saturday, April 23, 2011

KOCE Airing Original "An American Family" Marathon Saturday Night


After watching Lawrence Welk, I discovered PBS SoCal - KOCE - is airing all 12 episodes of the original PBS series "An American Family" starting at 11 pm Saturday (April 23). This is excellent, so people who missed it can appreciate the ground-breaking nature of this series, and compare it to the HBO movie based on it. If you can't sleep tonight here in Southern California, check out a couple of episodes.


You have probably heard, but here we go

+++NBC axed Paul Reiser's show after two episodes

+++Elvis Mitchell is out as Movieline reviewer. Reasons not totally clear yet.

+++CBS ousted the creators of Tom Selleck's "Blue Blood" series. Reports say CBS wants it to be more procedural, but less is better, in my opinion. Selleck was guiding the show in the right direction, hope he still has a voice they listen to.

+++NBC's Parenthood, a personal favorite, had an excellent season or series finale, full of rich storytelling and superb performances by one of the best ensemble casts in television. It got good ratings, too, last Tuesday night, so I hope when NBC gets around to its new fall line-up, it keeps around one of the best shows on television.

+++Thank You, TCM, for bringing back the serials on Saturday morning as the lead-in to the entire in-order Tarzan movies. Two episodes of Buck Rogers with Buster Crabbe aired April 23. Universal had the best serials by far, and there are dozens of them that would be great fun to see again.

If you have any TV comments - good, bad, local or national - or a question or two - e-mail me at Until next time......


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