Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Godfather" Home on Staten Island For Sale for $2.9 Million

CBS Sunday Morning did a nice story on the Staten Island home used to film "The Godfather." The son tells the story a man came knocking at the door, said he was from Paramount and wanted to use their home for a movie. The dad said no and closed the door. He walked back into the living room, the wife asked "who was that?" and when he said who it was, she got up, went out, opened the door, and said "Yes." The son has a scrapbook showing the family and the filmmakers - the family lawn chairs were used for some scenes, the garden where Brando's death scene is filmed is now a swimming pool - here's the scoop from the Staten Island Advance.

Staten Island home where 'Godfather' scene was filmed is listed for sale

Staten Island Advance

In 1971, scenes from 'The Godfather' were filmed in this home on Longfellow Avenue, Emerson Hill.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Wanna live like the Godfather?

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

The stately Tudor mansion on Emerson Hill where Don Corleone threw an extravagant wedding is up for sale.

Listed at $2.9 million, the eight-bedroom, 4.5-bath estate comes with two fireplaces, an English pub in the basement, a four-car garage, an in-ground pool -- and a big piece of American cinema history.

The home on 110 Longfellow Avenue was the centerpiece of a cluster of houses on the block that was transformed into Don Corleone's estate for the filming of "The Godfather" nearly 40 years ago.

The elaborate wedding scene in the opening of the epic film was shot entirely on the home’s four-acre grounds, complete with a fake brick wall and wrought-iron gate to create the illusion of a sprawling well-guarded retreat.

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