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"Godfather" Home on Staten Island For Sale for $2.9 Million

CBS Sunday Morning did a nice story on the Staten Island home used to film "The Godfather." The son tells the story a man came knocking at the door, said he was from Paramount and wanted to use their home for a movie. The dad said no and closed the door. He walked back into the living room, the wife asked "who was that?" and when he said who it was, she got up, went out, opened the door, and said "Yes." The son has a scrapbook showing the family and the filmmakers - the family lawn chairs were used for some scenes, the garden where Brando's death scene is filmed is now a swimming pool - here's the scoop from the Staten Island Advance.

Staten Island home where 'Godfather' scene was filmed is listed for sale

Staten Island Advance

In 1971, scenes from 'The Godfather' were filmed in this home on Longfellow Avenue, Emerson Hill.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Wanna live like the Godfather?

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

The stately Tudor mansion on Emerson Hill where Don Corleone threw an extravagant wedding is up for sale.

Listed at $2.9 million, the eight-bedroom, 4.5-bath estate comes with two fireplaces, an English pub in the basement, a four-car garage, an in-ground pool -- and a big piece of American cinema history.

The home on 110 Longfellow Avenue was the centerpiece of a cluster of houses on the block that was transformed into Don Corleone's estate for the filming of "The Godfather" nearly 40 years ago.

The elaborate wedding scene in the opening of the epic film was shot entirely on the home’s four-acre grounds, complete with a fake brick wall and wrought-iron gate to create the illusion of a sprawling well-guarded retreat.

'I Remember Television' Host & Pioneer Ed Rothhaar Dies At 74

I just learned this news Feb. 26. Here is the story from the Inland News Today. Many remember his show. One story noted he was the brother of ‘Paladin’ TV series creator Mary Rothhaar Matzen.

If you recall favorite episodes or have memories, email me at

San Bernardino public TV broadcaster & 'I Remember Television" host dies
Ryan Carter, Staff Writer
Created: 02/14/2011 07:18:42 PM PST

SAN BERNARDINO - Edward R. Rothhaar, 74, a local broadcaster and radio and television personality whose voice and presence anchored popular KVCR-TV (Channel 24) broadcasts, died Monday (Feb. 14) of heart failure, his family said.

Rothhaar, friends and family said, was a pioneer of the area's broadcasting scene.

A native of Pittsburgh, he came to San Bernardino in the early 1960s and taught broadcasting and public speaking, ultimately remaining on the faculty at San Bernardino Valley College for decades, his brother, Michael, said.

While he was at it, Ed Rothhaar helped develop KVCR's public radio (KVCR-FM 91.9) and TV stations.

"He was with it from the beginning," his brother said.

"He was a gentleman of broadcasting," said producer Don Leiffer.
Rothhaar became general manager, which led to him hiring producer Don Leiffer.

Together with director Al Gandos, they developed a signature show for KVCR-TV, "I Remember Television."

With Rothhaar as the show's host and broadcast historian, his resonant voice took viewers back to television shows from the 1950s and 1960s.

Rothhaar opened and closed the show while adding historical context to featured programs such as "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show," "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" and "One Step Beyond."

"He was a gentleman of broadcasting," Leiffer said, adding the show taped for 22 years.

A similar show, "I Remember Radio," was also hosted by Rothhaar, bringing listeners into the world of old radio shows.

"I knew him primarily because of the program he offered - it was a wonderful program," said San Bernardino Mayor Pat Morris. "All I can say is he had this wonderfully, gravelly voice. And when he recalled those shows ... these were the shows from my era. I loved it."

Rothhaar put a lifetime of experience into his teaching at the college. He retired in 2000.

He could be strict, but he got the message across.

"Anybody willing to work, he would be their advocate, for whatever they needed - year after year," said Leiffer, who was KVCR-TV's television director from 1968 to 2008.

Rothhaar remained true to radio, loving it to the end, his family and friends said. But he also remained true to the value of learning.

"He was intellectually remarkable," said his brother. "He guided me and kept his eye on me in my career. He would help anybody. He would teach anybody. He was a natural teacher and a natural communicator."

In addition to his brother, Rothhaar is survived by two sisters, Kathleen Basl and Mary Matzen of Pittsburgh.

His family also includes Hyuntae Kim and godchildren Sandra K. Choh and Steven Choh, his brother said.

Funeral services were pending.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

CBS Pulls Plug For Season On Sheen 'Two and a Half Men" (KTLA.COM)


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- CBS is puling the plug on the current season of the popular sitcom "Two and Half Men," network officials announced Thursday.

CBS and Warner Brothers released a statement Thursday saying that the show, which is home to one of today's most trouble-ridden celebrities, will not be producing new shows for the remainder of the year.

"Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen's statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of 'Two and a Half Men' for the remainder of the season," the statement said.

TMZ posted a story earlier today quoting Charlie Sheen challenging creator Chuck Lorre to a fight, calling him "a stupid, stupid little man and a pu**y punk that I never want to be like."

Sheen's escapades and recent stint in rehab may be to blame for the sudden halt in production.

The show had already been on hiatus since January when Sheen was admitted to rehab after allegedly hosting a party overflowing with drugs and porn stars.

Wave Event A Love Fest - new radio column online now

Live Local radio thrives in Seal Beach
Reba Toney gone at The Fish
Tom Leykis Rocks On
Ross Porter on Vin Scully Streak

and more....

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Paul Johnson Gets Own Freeway In OC (TV Newser,

TV Newser reported this story on Feb. 23. It also appeared on
P.S. SEPARATE NEWS NOTE: Mark Kriski due to return to KTLA Morning News Mon Feb. 28

Longtime KNBC traffic reporter Paul Johnson, who died of a brain tumor this summer, is being honored with his own freeway.

A stretch of the 55 freeway in Orange County has been named the Paul Johnson Memorial Freeway.

“In a business that thrives on its breathless reporting of breaking news, developing stories, hourly updates, Paul defined the art of reassurance,” said Keith Esparros, KNBC’s assistant news director, said.

Esparros was instrumental in getting the freeway renamed and he joined Johnson’s widow, Nancy, and others for a brief ceremony along the freeway on Tuesday morning.

Nancy told KNBC that her husband was aware of the honor before he died. “He was blown away,” she said.

Eastwood, DeCaprio Filming Movie in Santa Ana (

Filming is probably winding down now, but the SA Courthouse has been the scene of a movie on J. Edgar Hoover. Clint Eastwood and Leonard DiCaprio are among the sightings. Amazing how fast word spreads thanks to Facebook photos.....ere is our story on

Monday, February 21, 2011

KTLA Weatherman Henry DiCarlo's Life In The OC (

Eugene Fields posted this story on

Thursday, February 17, 2011

KCBS Reporter At Grammys had migraine, doctor says (CNN blogs)

From the blogs:

A migraine - not a stroke - caused a Los Angeles television reporter to mangle her words during a live post-Grammy Awards report on Sunday night, according to the UCLA doctors who examined her in the days after the incident.

KCBS reporter Serene Branson suffered a migraine with aura - meaning neurological symptoms that in this case included language problems - causing her to speak gibberish during her report, according to Dr. Andrew Charles, migraine expert and UCLA professor of neurology.

"She’s completely back to normal," Charles said in a telephone interview Thursday, adding that he cleared Branson to return to all activities with no limitation.

Branson's report outside the Staples Center, widely viewed on YouTube early this week before the video was taken down, sparked concerns that she had suffered a stroke.

"A very, very heavy burtation tonight," she said before continuing with incomprehensible words.

Her station said paramedics examined her at the scene but she was not hospitalized, and a colleague gave her a ride home.

Branson was seen early in the week by the chief of neurosurgery at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, Dr. Neil Martin, and then Thursday morning by Charles, UCLA spokesman Mark Wheeler said.

A scan ruled out a stroke, eventually leading Martin and Charles to diagnose a migraine, which can present symptoms similar to a stroke, Charles said.

Branson's migraine included a headache and three types of aura - the language troubles plus distorted vision and numbness, Charles said.

"It was quite remarkable that she was actually standing and doing the (report) that she was doing, given what she was experiencing at the time," Charles said. "She was aware of what was happening and was upset about it, but there was no time to back out of what she was doing."

Charles said about 20 to 30 percent of migraine patients experience some type of aura, and those who do most commonly experience visual aura – flashing, wavy lines, or blurry vision.

Such a migraine "can be triggered by different life events, like any migraine – changes in patterns of sleep or diet or exercise or caffeine," Charles said.

Charles stressed that anyone experiencing the symptoms that Branson did should get checked immediately. "The symptoms can be indistinguishable (from that of a stroke) initially, so it's important to emphasize the need to rule that out first," he said.

Branson was expected to address the incident in an interview on KCBS Thursday night.

What Do You Think: Jill Is Playlist 92.7 FM (OC Register Radio Column)

My new radio column is online now at OC Register

Playlist 92.7 FM, Ali Lerman covers a CBS Grammy Party, Wink Martindale, a upcoming Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt debate....and more.....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lakers Leave KCAL, Fox Sports For Time Warner In 2012-13 (ocregister)

Kevin Ding provides the details on a major deal that means Laker fans can only watch games on providers other than KCAL and Fox Sports starting in 2012. Here are details

Lakers starting networks with Time Warner Cable


The Lakers have struck a 20-year deal with Time Warner Cable to broadcast their games on two new regional sports networks, including the nation’s first Spanish-language regional sports network. The new networks are expected to be on all providers (DirecTV, DISH Network, various cable systems, etc.), not just Time Warner Cable.

The deal will take effect in the 2012-13 season and was announced Monday — with the Lakers set to play in Charlotte’s Time Warner Cable Arena, appropriately enough.

“The Buss family is thrilled to join forces with Time Warner Cable in building the TV home for Lakers fans,” Lakers owner Jerry Buss said in a statement. “Time Warner Cable has been producing quality sports programming for over a decade and the Lakers have been producing championship seasons for even longer. I am particularly proud of being part of the first ever Spanish-language RSN in the country. Together I’m confident we will delight our fans.”

The deal promises to be a rich one for the high-profile Lakers, who have had their games on KCAL/9 and Fox Sports West.

“This long-term agreement represents a huge win for all Lakers fans, providing destination channels, more content and more platforms for the Lakers, one of the premier brands in professional sports today,” said Glenn Britt, Time Warner Cable’s Chairman and CEO.

There promises to be greater Lakers coverage with the new networks, which will be available to all providers in existing Lakers country, such as Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii. Besides the games, the networks would have other original Lakers programming.

Time Warner’s announcement promoted the following for Lakers fans:

* A single destination where Lakers fans can find all locally-televised home and away games and a variety of new and original Lakers’ content featuring behind-the-scenes, personality and classic programming.
* All Lakers games will be produced in high definition, with state-of-the-art technology and high production values in English & Spanish. The Spanish-language channel is a stand alone RSN with its own dedicated production of game telecasts and other unique content tailored to Spanish speaking Lakers fans – not SAP feed.

* All games will feature pre- and post-game shows produced separately in both English and Spanish.

* A Lakers news and magazine show throughout the season.

* Joint community-relations initiatives.

* New online and on-demand multi-platform content featuring the Lakers.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Is It Just Me? Why Is Profanity OK In New TV Show Titles? (EW.Com)

James Hibberd at Entertainment Weekly's website - EW.Com - he writes Inside TV - wonders - and I wonder, too, about the use of profanity in network show titles - do you? - here is the Blog Post at

What's With All the 'Bitches' and 'Dicks' in the Titles of New Pilots? EW

One of the trends taking shape for the fall 2011 television season involves projects with profane titles, says James Hibberd in's Inside TV, who takes a look at what’s behind the trend.

ABC has ordered the pilot "Good Christian Bitches," and the network also approved "Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23," while Fox has greenlighted "Chicks and Dicks," the story points out.

The trio of profanely titled pilots may have received a boost from CBS, which last year put "$#*! My Dad Says" on its fall schedule--a move that sparked plenty of controversy. In most cases, the story adds, the crude titles can be expected to be toned down before the shows are added to network lineups.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Radio Column Online - Joe Block On Dodgers Team (

A lot of radio news this week - KABC, Radio Disney, Huffington-Matalin, Jack Popejoy, Manny Pacheco, Ted Ziegenbusch and Christine Martindale....and more

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Rich Buhler Returns To Christian Talk Program (OCREGISTER.COM)

Here is my story on Rich Buhler - taking it one day at a time - returning fulltime to his weekday program on KBRT/740 AM

Colleagues Remember KNX Anchor Jack Popejoy (

I filed the following for Orange County Register. This is a follow up to the Sunday announcement that KNX anchor Jack Popejoy had passed away of complications from cancer at age 63 in Sherman Oaks.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

KNX News Anchor Jack Popejoy Dies

CBS Los Angeles released the following announcement Sunday on the death of long-time radio news anchor Jack Popejoy. Most recently, he was doing morning drive on KNX.


(Los Angeles Feb. 6, 2011) – Longtime CBS Radio news anchor, reporter and journalist Jack Popejoy has passed away as a result of cancer at his home in Sherman Oaks. He was 63.

Popejoy anchored the morning news program on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO along with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore since February 2009. He continued to work on-air until late January. From 1986 - 2009 he worked at sister station KFWB, where he served as the morning news anchor since 2000.

Among Popejoy’s passions were astronomy and earthquake studies. Popejoy earned an AB in astronomy from Amherst College and went on to cover the space program and a variety of science topics on radio and TV throughout his career. Popejoy was once a regional semi-finalist to go on the Space Shuttle before the Journalist-in-Space program was cancelled in the wake of the 1986 Challenger disaster.

Popejoy became an expert on the Southern California earthquake hazard and he was frequently seen lurking in the halls and offices at Caltech and the USGS, and he was a long-time consultant to the Southern California Earthquake Center. Additionally, he was an emergency management associate for the City of Los Angeles for more than 20 years and since 1989, Popejoy was an Honorary Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Very involved in emergency planning and management, Popejoy contributed his expertise to the Los Angeles Emergency Operations Organization. He taught workshops in crisis management and emergency communications for more than two decades and was one of the creators of the annual Great California ShakeOut, a statewide earthquake preparedness drill that attracted millions of participants thanks to his familiar radio announcements instructing people to “duck, cover and hold."

Born in Austin in 1947, Popejoy spent his early years in the Delaware Valley , living in New Jersey , Delaware and Pennsylvania .

He began his professional broadcast career after college and training as an Army reservist. Popejoy worked at WMEX, Boston and WPEN, Philadelphia . He came to Southern California in the early 70s and wrote jingles for commercials. In 1972 he was hired as a weekend DJ, then weekday announcer for KIIS, eventually becoming the program director. In 1976 he started as a newscaster at KPOL AM & FM. A year later, as the program director, he changed KPOL-FM’s call letters to KZLA.

In 1983, Popejoy joined L.A. ’s KCOP, Channel 13, as a reporter and fill-in anchor, after having spent a few years as a news director and anchor in San Francisco television.

A multiple-award winner for broadcast excellence, locally Popejoy was recognized in 1998 as Journalist of the Year by the Society of Professional Journalists. He won 27 Golden Mikes from the Radio Television News Association of Southern California, including a best newscast award just last month for Best News Broadcast. He won eight Press Club Awards.

Popejoy was the producer/reporter for KFWB’s award-winning earthquake series “Shock of the Century,” “Safe at Home” and “Quake Quiz.” He wrote, produced and hosted the post-Katrina special “There but for the Grace of God…” and the 1994 KFWB / Disney video “The Great Quake Hazard Hunt.”

For the past several months Popejoy was co-host of KNX Tech News on Saturday afternoons. He created KFWB’s original website and served as its webmaster for a decade.

Popejoy loved to travel and tried to visit an exotic, new place every year. Recent trips included Nepal , Morocco , Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Russia , Ecuador , Kenya , Egypt , Eastern Europe , Peru , New Zealand , China , Botswana , Turkey , Bali and Antarctica . Friends say he often found himself in political discussions with local cab drivers around the world.

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Ryan Fox Ready To Entertain At Go Country 105 Starting Feb. 7

My new OC Register radio column is online now. Ryan Fox interviewed on joining KKGO in morning drive; KlAC Super Bowl notes; Chef Jamie Gwen on her quick trip to NY to fill in on a show on the Martha Stewart Living channel on Sirius XM. and more