Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Official: Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab & Regis Vs. Today at 9 am

The always reliable and resourceful reports at approx. 3 pm Friday:

Following Charlie Sheen's hospital visit yesterday that allegedly followed days of heavy partying involving drugs, the Two and a Half Men star has checked into a rehab, while the hit CBS comedy has been put on a production hiatus. "Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today," Sheen's publicist Stan Rosenfield said in a statement. "He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern. "This is a sharp reversal from the statement issued by Rosenfield this morning, which stated that the Two and a Half Men star will return to work on Tuesday as scheduled.

In Regis & Kelly News, TV Newser reports on Regis at NATPE and the ABC vs. NBC ratings:

And speaking of the 9am hour, despite what Regis Philbin said at NATPE earlier this week that “LIVE” has beaten NBC at 9am, “Every day of every week of every year for 28 years,” the third hour of “Today” not only beat “Live with Regis & Kelly” for the 2009-’10 season, the Natalie Morales-Al Roker-Ann Curry hour is up +2% in Total Viewers and up +9% in A25-54 viewers so far this season.

The averages for the week of Jan. 17:

* Total Viewers: NBC: 5.60M / ABC: 4.92M / CBS: 2.83M
* A25-54 viewers: NBC: 2.60M / ABC: 1.94M / CBS: 1.19M

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  1. Sheen's rehab won't work because he's being forced or coerced into going. He's got to want to do it for himself - and as long he he's got booze, blow and porn babes, there's no way he's gonna want to stop.

    Even if CBS does something to their cash cow that they, he and the whole world knows they aren't about to do: fire him & replace him (with Leif Garrett), he won't care because he's got millions in the bank and CBS would add tens of millions more to get rid of him.

    And, if he's got tens of millions in the bank as well as unlimited amounts of the world's best booze, the purest blow & incredible porn babes, there's no way he's gonna stop. His feeling would probably be, "why in the world should I?"