Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is It Just Me? (an occasional commentary column)

Is it just me....

This is the first in an occasional column offering some commentary on TV, local and nationally. Agree or disagree, or have another thought, email me at

LATE NIGHT: Maybe just coincidence, but twice I have seen on local TV news clips of Conan trailing Jay or Jimmy on some comedy material. The Charlie Sheen-Mermaid line was on Leno the night before, and other writers point out the Rudolph-Sarah Palin comments were on Kimmel two weeks ago. Maybe a coincidence?

LOCAL NEWS THOUGHTS & STORM COVERAGE: Who did best on the local scene?

KABC/7 Eyewitness News with Phillip Palmer and Leslie Sykes was the front-runner with the Laguna Beach flooding story from the start on its (on early) 4 a.m. newscast Wednesday. Also kudos to Indra Petersons, who is always chock full of weather information and knows how to communicate it quickly and compellingly. And is it just me that sometimes - coincidence probably - the top-billed weather people Garth Kemp and Dallas Raines are away during the biggest weather story of the year.

Channel 2 - good to see Rich Fields on the weather beat. Kent Shocknek is a re-assuring presence given his years in local TV. Happy to see Dave Lopez still on the OC beat after all these years.

Channel 5 - good local coverage, Henry DiCarlo is doing excellent work on weather (and sometimes traffic) and, OK, I love seeing anchors who bring their pets to work. Thanks, Wendy Burch and Sophia.

Channel 11 - I know New York dictated the style changes for local Fox news shows across the country, but it doesn't really work here and I hope Carlos Amezcua and Christine Devine and the news team can drop the current format and return to what worked in the past.

Oh, and Channel 11 in the morning - I love GDLA - Steve, Jillian, Dorothy,etc. - but I really do miss the camera people who vanished in the layoffs months ago. A lively crew adds just that extra spark to a morning show. BTW, GDLA WILL HAVE ON my friend, psychic Char, in the 9 a.m. hour on Monday, Jan. 3.

Channel 4 - Great to see Kathy Vara back on the air in the morning. And I enjoy watching Carl Bell, whether weekend weather or reporting from the field on the storms.

So who do you think does the best local TV news in the morning?

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Question for the week ahead: what's missing on local TV that you would like to see?

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